• Grant Jones

Being a Vibrant Church Today

The countdown is on. It is only a few months until the relaunch of our church in partnership with Pennant Hills Baptist Church. It is a good time to make sure each of us is familiar with the “Brighter Future” vision which describes the church we long to see. Here is the main vision statement:

A vibrant, multi-cultural, cross-generational community that loves one another in Christ and is committed to reaching people with the good news of Jesus.

Can you imagine it? A church auditorium filled with people of all ages and many different cultures, sharing a vibrant love and joy in Christ and a desire to share that with the surrounding community. Expressions of being multi-cultural are obvious; people from different ethnic groups excited to be together. Everyone, no matter where they come from, has found a home, a family. Expressions of being cross-generational are also obvious; all ages valued and excited to be worshipping and working together. Similar experiences are anticipated in all parts of church life – meals, care, discipleship, mission and leadership.

But what happens when we are not in the auditorium, or not together for a big lunch in the hall? What happens when we go home? Of course, this is not just a question for the future. It a question for today. It could be months before we all get to meet in the one place. Does that mean it will be months before we express our vibrant multi-cultural and cross-generational nature?

No! Of course not. Being multi-ethnic and cross-generational is about who we are in essence. It is about real relationships that express the family we are in Christ. When the doors close, the vibrant church continues. We continue to reach out to one another in love – across cultures and generations.

Since we have stopped our church programs due to the need for physical distancing, who have you been in contact with from our church community? Are you connecting to others who are from different cultural backgrounds? Are you contacting those in different age groups? And, further, are you growing in this. Are getting to know people from different cultures and generations more? Is your love increasing? Are you praying more?

We are serious about this vision and want to take steps now to be the church we long to see. As we anticipate a church that is vibrant, multi-ethnic and cross-generational, let’s live it today. Make that phone call to someone from a different ethnic group or generation. See how they are going. Get to know each other more. Share encouragement that comes from our faith in Jesus. And follow up with prayer for them.

Let's be part of becoming a vibrant church today.

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