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Eastwood Community Baptist Church - Soft launch Service

Sunday 13th September

We are pleased to announce the (soft) launch service of Eastwood Community Baptist Church – 10am Sunday 13th September.

Being still under our COVID restrictions, seating will be limited, and we are taking RSVPS from now (email Jonny at to let him know if you intend to come. Sadly, morning tea, and congregational singing is still not permitted, though we will be having a band with 1 singer to provide a musical component to our time together.

Tech upgrades are underway this week, but it is not looking likely that we’ll have our livestream ready in time for this Sunday’s service.

Children’s ministries will be in operation this week, and a creche room is available.

For your diaries/calendars, a hard launch service is planned for the 11th October.

You may also be interested in the footage of the final celebration service of EBC which is now ready and uploaded. Big thanks to Saeed for filming and editing the whole thing, and for Eric for putting it online for us.

You can find the service uploaded in full here:

Please let Jonny know if you request for a DVD version.

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