• Jonny Lam

Encouragement from a past reformer

On this day (May 27) in 1564, renown reformer John Calvin passed away to be with his and our Lord.

He was no foreigner to adversity; his eyes were destroyed over the many years of reading in poor candlelight, he suffered from asthma, migrane headaches, kidney stones, gallstones, severe arthritis, frequent influenza and severe fevers. In his family life, his wife died just 9 years into their marriage and he never remarried; they had one miscarriage and no children after that. For all his success and influence, he also had his fair share of suffering, but learnt to accept his lot rather than questioning why troubles and trials should happen to him. He is quoted as saying, "Thou, O Lord, thou bruises me, it is enough for me to know that it is thy hand."

Perhaps you find yourself in a less than ideal circumstance as you are reading this. Let these following three quotes from Calvin about the providence of God be an encouragement to you.

“In times of adversity, believers comfort themselves with the solace that they suffer nothing except by God’s ordinance and command, for they are under his hand.”

“Each year, month, and day is governed by a new, a special, providence of God.”

“He sustains, nourishes, and cares for everything he has made, even to the least sparrow.”

Take heart, for you are worth more than many sparrows. God sees, and knows, and cares.

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