• Jonny Lam

Have we closed?

Unlike many other churches around our state, our church began the year with the plan to come to a closure in 2020, followed by an eventual restart. What we hadn't planned for was how soon this would happen, and under these particular circumstances which we now find ourselves.

The August-September period was in our original plan, but in God's wisdom, we find ourselves already having closed Sunday services for 7 weeks now. Many of us are keen for the day when we'll be able to resume physically meeting together again, even though that could be many months away. But in the meantime, I wonder if this opportunity inflicted on us might be useful in helping our church family reflect on what we value most about our life together. What do YOU miss the most about our Sunday services?

It would be a shame to entertain the assumption that when we are eventually allowed to meet together again, we will come back together in exactly the same way that we did before. On our journey towards re-birth, the closure period we had planned was always meant to be a time for us to prepare ourselves for positive change. To sit back in our same seats, at the same time, following exactly the same patterns would seem to me to be an opportunity squandered to move our church forward.

We find ourselves now in a doorway of sorts; having left the old room of the past, but not yet entered into the new room of the future. And while doorways are not the most comfortable of places to stay for too long, being here gives us the chance to decide what kinds of things from the old room we will take with us into the new, and which things we might choose to leave behind.

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