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Let's Pray Together

This is a great opportunity to join together in prayer as we face the COVID-19 crisis.

Please join us as we pray each day.

Set an alarm at 19.00 (7pm) each day and pray the simple prayer for that day.


Pray for our healthcare workers that are treating everyone in the midst of this crisis.

Pray for wisdom, strength and protection for each of them.


Pray for our elderly and vulnerable people in our communities, and those in self-isolation, quarantine and hospital. Pray for protection, healing and timely help and assistance.


Pray that love, hope and peace will replace fear, anxiety and selfishness.


Pray for State, Federal and world leader for wisdom and discernment in making correct and timely decision on our behalf.


Pray for those working on finding a vaccine and improved ways to treat those that are infected.


Pray for our pastors, leaders and churches as we learn to 'be at church' in new ways in this extraordinary season.


Pray for the advancing of the gospel in the lives of many as the Church ministers holistically at this time.



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