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Preparation for Easter

Suggested Readings and Prayers based on Luke 22

Reading 1 – Luke 22:1-6


Our Lord and God, Creator of the heavens and earth, to you we bow. You are worthy of our faithfulness and love. Yet we read of a man who turned his back on you. A creature like us, agreeing to betray the Creator of the world for the sake of some money. As we reflect on your suffering, we acknowledge that throughout history, people have turned their back on you. And we too, repent of our unfaithfulness. Forgive us our sin we pray.

Reading 2 – Luke 22:7-20


Rescuing God, we know that the Passover is a story of a strong and mighty God who rescues his people with power and wonderous signs. But we also know that this story changes at Easter. It is now about your body and your blood. And you are the Passover lamb. Lord of the new covenant, we give you thanks.

Reading 3 – Luke 22:21-38


Our Father, we call you Father at your invitation, knowing that we must come to you as little children. We confess that this also means that we come to you with our childishness too. We come to you as those who squabble, seek greatness, boast of faithfulness, but are too often caught in our own interests that we miss your voice of direction, warning and love. Strengthen us to follow you as children of the Most High God.

Reading 4 – Luke 22:39-46


Loving God, even your closest friends did not have the strength to walk with you in your agony. They brought no comfort, compassion, tenderness or support in your hour of need. Yet you persisted. In love for your tired disciples, and for us in our weakness too, you endured a lonely walk to the cross. Thank you for your prayer, “yet not my will, but yours be done.”

Reading 5 – Luke 22:47-53


A kiss, swords and clubs, and the cover of darkness. Did the people really think they could arrest Jesus with these things? Did they really think that they were in control of the events? Did they really think that they could take Jesus by their own will? O Lord, thankyou for your humility to walk this walk for us.

Reading 6 – Luke 22:54-62


Dear God, even your friends let you down. You knew it would be so. And the moment came when even Peter denied ever knowing you. Oh, Lord, we weep with Peter, we weep for Peter, we weep for you.

Reading 7 – Luke 22:63-71


Dear Lord, the difference is so obvious. Some used their God-given power to condemn even God to death. Yet Jesus, who has all power and authority, humbly went to that death so that we would not be condemned by God. Thank you for your mercy towards us and the price you paid for our salvation.

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