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Weekly News -Friday 14th August 2020

Welcome to our weekly news

Sunday, 16 August 2020

From this week onwards, there will be planned activities at Eastwood Baptist from 10am-1pm each Sunday. Instead of a church service, we will be working and praying and planning together in the lead up to re-launch. Please join us if you feel safe and well enough to do so. I’ve attached the draft schedule for the coming weeks (subject to changes), and you’ll find below a more detailed plan for this coming Sunday. RSVP to Jonny if you intend to come to any part of the planned Sunday activities on the 16th August.

10.00 -    Sign in at church.

10.10 -    Prayer – all in.

10.30 -    Three Options (simultaneous)

a. Children’s ministry meeting (upstairs - facilitated by Alfee Liau)

A time for all those with an interest (parents, children, leaders, others) to come and share what they would want and hope for ministry among children and youth in the new church. The scope would include Sunday services, as well as any mid-week activities. This is a time to share ideas, talk about resourcing, and an opportunity to re-shape the way things are done if needed. Children will be supervised on rotation; we are setting up a video and activity sheets in the room adjoining where we will meet.

b. Facilities meeting (auditorium – facilitated by Nathan Pratt)

This meeting will be the time to discuss plans to get the rooms and technological capacity of the building ready for re-launch, with a special focus on the auditorium.

c. Prayer Walk (assemble in the morning tea hall. Weather forecast is for rain – it may be a prayer ‘drive’ if the conditions are too poor)

Our local mission field is the suburb of Eastwood. In small groups, you will be given a choice of different locations around Eastwood to walk/drive to, and some suggested ways to pray. As you go, keep your eyes open to the people and places you pass, and pray that God’s kingdom would come in tangible ways to impact our neighbourhood.

11.30 - Working Bee (assemble at auditorium)

Starting work to put into action plans from the facilities meeting, as well as general clean out of all rooms. Re-organise and sort what we should keep and what could be re-purposed, sold, given away, thrown out.

1.00 - End (Those who would like to have lunch together to do so off-site).

You are free to arrive late or leave early, attending whichever parts of the morning would suit you and your family. Whenever you do arrive, ensure you sign in at the auditorium.

COVID Safe protocols:

We are asking that everyone signs in at the auditorium entering via the ramp. At the desk, you will be asked a number of screening questions, offered sanitiser, and given a name tag.

Maintain physical distance of 1.5m

The maximum room capacity indicated at entrances to each space needs to be observed at all times.

Wearing a face mask is encouraged

If you are intending to do work requiring gloves, bring a pair from home.

The kitchen is closed and no food/drink will be served on site. Bring your own drink bottles. Lunch for those who would like to eat together can be done off-site.

Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children except during the Children’s Ministry Meeting where supervision will be shared. Please organise for children to bring their own stationary. As in school, children are not currently required to be distanced from each other. Adults are however required to maintain distance from children of other households.

Off-task mingling is discouraged between activities, but there should be opportunities to talk as we work.

Relaunch date

With the delay in approval of new constitution, the new projected date for the relaunch date will now be on Sunday, 13th September 2020.

Combined Prayer Meeting

The next Combined Prayer Meeting via Zoom will be on Wednesday 26th August 2020.

Our Daily Bread Booklets - Sept to Nov edition

Please email to church office if you would like the copy sent to your address. There are two type version : English and Mandarin. Please indicate which version you prefer and address to post.

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