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Weekly News -Friday 21st August 2020

Welcome to our weekly news

Sunday, 23rd August 2020

Find the plan for this Sunday below:

10.00 -    Start/sign in. Announcements – small group sign up 10.15 -    Options         

1. Music/Band Meeting – a time for all those with an interest in church music, singing, playing an instrument, and sound tech to discuss what can be done as the church re-launches

2. Working Bee – completing the stocktake of items in all remaining rooms; begin sorting 3. Kids and Parents’ Prayer Walk – an option for children and parents to do a child friendly walk and be guided in prayer for the wider Eastwood community. Last week’s routes are also available for those without kids.

4. Younger children’s half hour program – for beginner primary aged children

11.30 -    1. Business Meeting for EBC members – in auditorium. Quorum required: 25 members. 2. Prayer meeting for non members – in ground floor hall 1.00 -      Sign out (Lunch options off site)

You are free to arrive late or leave early, attending whichever parts of the morning would suit you and your family. Whenever you do arrive, ensure you sign in at the ground floor hall.

COVID Safe protocols

1. We are asking that everyone signs in at the ground floor hall next to the kitchen. At the desk, you will be asked a number of screening questions, offered sanitiser, and given a name tag.

2. Maintain physical distance of 1.5m

3. The maximum room capacity indicated at entrances to each space needs to be observed at all times.

4. Wearing a face mask is encouraged

5. If you are intending to do work requiring gloves, bring a pair from home.

6. The kitchen is closed and no food/drink will be served on site. Bring your own drink bottles. Lunch for those who would like to eat together can be done off-site.

7. Parents/guardians are responsible for the supervision of their own children except during the Younger Children’s half hour program.

Please organise for children to bring their own stationary. As in school, children are not currently required to be distanced from each other. Adults are however required to maintain distance from children of other households.

8. Off-task mingling is discouraged between activities, but there should be opportunities to talk as we work.

To aid our planning, please RSVP to Jonny if you are intending to come in part or for the whole morning.

Special Meeting

For those who would like to join the meeting via zoom, please see below: Time: Aug 23, 2020 11:30 AM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 899 2256 4044 Passcode: 498355

+61 (02) 9874 1514 (Fridays only)

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